Best Ways to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Texas Home: Surprising Defenses!

The Plano raccoons may appear like an adorable masked creature, but they can be a nuisance once they invaded our property. They can plunder our garbage cans and create a considerable mess. They can also cause structural damage especially if they choose to stay in our home. In order to keep them away from your house, you need to make it a point to eliminate the things that are attracting them.

How to Keep the Raccoons Away From Our House

Keeping the raccoons away from our house will not be a trouble especially if we do some simple preventative measures. Identifying the attractants and eliminating them can discourage the creature from entering your property.

Clearing Your Pet Food

In case the raccoon found a food source in your yard, it is highly likely that they will choose to stay around. Avoid leaving the bowl of your pets out in the open. This will not only catch attention of the raccoons but also the other critters. You should also clear the bird seeds that are scattered on the ground. Remember that the raccoons are not picky eaters. They are omnivores and will eat almost anything that is edible.

Secure Your Trashcan

Raccoon are also scavengers. They will rummage our trash cans and will steal the leftovers in our Texas trash cans. They will tear the trash bags and will create a mess. In case it is possible, place your garbage can in an inaccessible place. Some people choose to place it in closed garage especially when there is a raccoon activity. If you choose to leave it out in the open, be sure that it comes with a secured lid. If not, place heavy object on top of the lid that will prevent the raccoon from accessing our garbage.

Raccoons inside Our House

In case you think that the raccoon has already invaded our property, the first thing you need to do is to identify their potential entry points. Remember that any hole that has 3-inch in diameter is a possible access point. Once you determine these entry holes, you need to seal them using caulking material. You can also use wire mesh or hardware cloth when sealing this. If you want to improve the protection, you may install the barrier inside as well as outside of the structure. 

Mild Hazing

Performing mild hazing will make them leave our property. Raccoons, just like any other Texas creature will prefer to leave in a comfortable place. In case you suspect that they are in your attic, you may play loud sound that may startle them. Simply leaving a radio on can discourage them from staying in your house. This is due to the fact that they abhor the presence of human activity.

These are some of the effective ways to get rid of the Plano raccoon in your property. Avoid disturbing the raccoon when there are baby raccoons in the nest. The mother raccoon are highly protective and will launch an attack in case she feels that her babies are being threatened. 

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