The Difficult Task of Removing Texas Pigeons from Your Wall, But Made Simple!

Pigeons can be found all over the world. Once the feral Plano pigeons decided to live in a residential community, you will understand how nuisance they can be. Different parts of our structures will prove to be an excellent place for them to establish their nest. A pigeon that builds its nest in our house can lead to several problems. It can even be more serious once they have been trapped in the void of our wall.

A Complete Guide on Getting the Pigeons out of Our Walls

Pigeons are major carriers of various diseases. You will have to act immediately when getting rid of them to minimize the possibility of the disease transmission. To help you remove this bird in the void of the wall, we created a short guide that you should follow.

Determine That It Is Indeed a Pigeon

You need to know first that you are dealing with a Texas pigeon and not other types of birds or mammals. The process of getting rid of them will be different according to species. Some of the birds are also protected under the local laws; this is why you need to be cautious when dealing with your infestation. Perhaps the easiest way to tell if there are pigeons in our wall is through visual sighting. The pigeons will leave their nest during the first hour of the morning. They will be returning several times during the day. This is the best time to spot them. The sound that they produce will also be different to the squeaking sound of the mice, rats, and squirrels.

Exclusion Device

Exclusion device should only be used if the Plano birds can freely move in and out of the wall. You should also refrain from using this method during the nesting season. You don' t want to separate the hatchlings to the mother pigeons since they can die from starvation. You should install the exclusion device on the main entrance of the pigeon. Be sure that there are no other entry points. In case there are gaps, holes, and cracks other than the main entrance, you should seal it first before installing the exclusion device. This is designed to allow the pigeons to leave but will prevent them from returning. Ensure that you will use an exclusion device that is specifically intended for the bird.

Trapped Pigeons

In case the Texas pigeons cannot freely move, you will have to find ways to extract them out of the wall. Some people will try to use a catch pole with nets. This would be an easier way to get rid of them. However, some circumstances will not allow you to use this method. You will have to create a hole in your wall to manually extract the pigeons out of the wall. Be sure that you will wear protective gears when handling the pigeons.

If this seems to be too much for you, there are Plano pigeon removal specialists that are willing to help you with your problem. They are armed with equipments, knowledge, and experience to extract the pigeons safely and prevent the infestation from recurring.

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