Which Simple Repellents Work for Bats in Your Plano Attic?

Bat may prove to be beneficial to our environment. They have been treated as an asset to an agricultural setting. However, no one wants a bat infestation in their attic. Getting rid of them can be intricate. You don't want them to suffer an injury during the process since you will be implicated on legal repercussions. Homeowners are looking for a simple yet effective way to get rid of them such as repellents. Unfortunately, most home-repellent will only work as a short-term solution.

Different Repellents and How They Work

If the repellent failed to handle your Plano bat issue, you should seek the assistance of the professional bat removal expert. They can offer you better solution that will deliver a permanent result to your problem. This is essential to stay away from the problems associated with the bat infestation issue.

Homemade Repellent

Simple ingredients found in your kitchen may be used to deter the activities of the bats in your Texas attic. People believe that essential oils and items that release strong stench have the capacity to evict the bats out of your house. This may include eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint, green tea, etc. However, there are no studies that will support this claim. In addition, the bats have an amazing sense of adaptability. They can easily adjust to the small changes in their environment which will make your effort pointless.

Spray Repellents

Apart from the homemade repellents, there are commercially-available repellents that claims that have the capacity to effectively get rid of the bats. Some of them contain the urine of their predators that may frighten them. However, once the bats realized that there are no predators in your attic, they will still choose to return rather than to expose themselves on the dangers outside. The scent of the spray repellents will also dissipate immediately so you need to reapply them multiple times.

Bird Gels

This should be applied in the evening when most Plano bats are outside to hunt their foods. According to the instructions, this should be applied on the roost of the bats for at least 30 days to have a favorable result. The bird gel would be sticky and thick that may irritate the bats. Just like the other repellents, this may not work effectively. The bats can simply look for a different and higher roosting place inside your attic. There is also no proof that bird gels work against bats since it is specifically designed to mess with the feathers of the birds. As you all know, bats are mammals and they do not have feathers.

Electronic Repellents

Electronic repellent will release a high-pitched sound that may annoy the bats. Nonetheless, according to the study, bat can get used to any sound pattern once they heard it repeatedly. In addition, the report published by the UniverPlano of Kansas showed the varying result of electronic repellents against pests.

Using methods that will not work is just a waste of your Texas money, time, and energy. Look for a method that has been proven to work effectively and on a long-term basis.

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